Friday, February 09, 2018

Campaigns Anew

Quite by happy accident, over the last year I've suddenly found myself running two separate Dungeons & Dragons games with a third one potentially starting soon. I'm also playing in a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire campaign, which is a first for me. Even young Samwise is getting into the game a bit. I run a game for him by himself, and keep things super loose with the rules since he's only 8. Here's a quick summary of the games in progress.


For middle child Joc and their friend Avery (and sometimes Lauren), I'm running a campaign using a homebrew campaign I found online called Valgora. It's pretty well developed and has some elements I like a lot. The ancient past had a great cataclysm, but the world has been steadily recovering and is in an extended era of peace. The characters are as follows.

  • Pyral (⚧ Silver Dragon / 5th-level Dragon / LG) [Played by Joc]
  • Zinc "Zech" Cortielia (♀ Halfling / 5th-level Bard / CN) [Played by Avery]
  • Drest Ranio (♂ Human / 5th-level Rogue / NG) [Played by Joc]
  • Hinkle of Turen (♀ Gnome / 5th-level Rogue / LN) [Played by Lauren]

There are various NPCs around, including a wife of sorts for Zinc and a recurring villain (or two). And the dinosaur is still at large.

Dark Sun

Lisa and I and our group of grown-up friends are playing a Dark Sun game. The characters are a big group when every is available.

  • Joe - Half-giant Cleric
  • Michael - Dwarf Fighter / Cleric
  • Lisa - Halfling Rogue
  • Jess - Elven Fighter / Wizard / Arcane Archer
  • Chris - Human Warlock
  • Ben - Elan Psion / Uncarnate

The party is escorting a caravan around the Tyr region and the time period is right at the death of Kalak.


Oldest child Reese and their friends, we will be starting a new campaign that is guaranteed to be super non-serious. I'm basing it on the outer planes setting of Bytopia and the three thematic elements they requested were (1) f*cking dinosaurs, (2) all ogres talk like shrek and (3) airships! So that will be fun. They have character concepts that involve memes.

  • Sadie (elf cleric)
  • Mars (human sorcerer)
  • Tyler (half-orc ranger)
  • Reese (half-elf rogue)
  • Danni (elf bard)

Anyhow, I'm having a blast. Oh and Sammy is running a sort of Elvish Fighter/Mage and the campaign is sort of Zethul, but again I'm being super loose with the rules.

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