Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The City of Zethul

Your home is a borderline small city. At the Magistrate Majorus' last census - two years ago - the scrolls of citizen's names numbered just over five thousand. The city's history is not particularly old, as cities go, but it is ancient enough to predate the great Itakrian Occupation a thousand years ago. Once that war was over and peace returned to Zethul and the surrounding lands, the need became apparent of course for large scale city defenses. Because of it's downriver proximity to several different quarries, Zethul's primary defense plan relied on huge rock walls.

At its shortest point, these pyramid like structures tower five times the height of a man and form an almost perfect circle around the city. Zethul itself sits on a plateau in a large flat grassy river valley. It can be seen for miles as a beacon of hope and peace to many a traveler.

As the city grew to fill every empty space inside the circular walls, an interesting power struggle of the day forced the royal family to make a decree that would forever change the geography of Zethul.

At the time, there was a great religious revolution happening. A resurgence of interest in the Heavenly Tree, the pantheon of Gods that protect all the good peoples (or the Great Circle, as it is now known), combined with fervent devotion of the church to the betterment of society meant that more people were placing their trust, loyalty and especially their money into the hands of the Great Churches. This meant that these religious organizations were becoming more and more powerful by the day. This greatly worried the royal family, as they wished to maintain control for themselves and not let Zethul degenerate into a democratic, bureaucratic theocracy.

But what could they do? The outcry from the populace if they outlawed religion altogether would cause a revolt. But to allow the churches to continue to gain more power and land inside the Circle, only to have the royal family's real power eventually usurped by the richer churches would be akin to a slow suicide. So, before the churches could become too united, the King of the day made a new law. The same day it was decreed, it was carved in stone on the Palace gates.

All Churches, Sanctuaries, Monasteries, religious schools, priest dormitories, convents and other offices of sacred institutions must be moved outside the city walls. None shall reside or be built with the Great Circle of Zethul from now until forever. Anyone wishing to make use of a house of worship on their respective holy days must do so on the plateau surrounding the city.

Though a generation passed until this was completely made truth... And many, many formal complaints and harsh words were directed at the royal crest by the Churches... Law eventually became fact. An easy truce eventually came to pass and Zethul has been that way ever since. Those born and raised here cannot picture their life any other way. Now all churches for the free people of Zethul are built and maintained outside the walls. Each and every day groups of citizens, some large and some small, leave the city gates and make their way along a stone road -- now called church road -- that winds its' way around the perfect ring of Zethul like a snake rolling down a hill. The royal family kept their power peacefully and their descendants still rule today. The church kept it's influence in the peoples' lives but from the outside looking in.

One added side effect is that now, whenever the city comes under attack, the first to volunteer to protect the city are the Church's Champions...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

DM Character Image Test

Female Elf labled [For Khanh - From Meriko]That was a test to see if we could have images loaded into the site. Obviously, it works.

From here, I would like the two of you (and whomever else) to create characters using AD&D Core Rules program. I know you have a copy and once you have the character created, save the character in that file format and email it to me. Also, you can export or save the character as a .html file for easy display on the website for reference. If that is too complex, I also have a .rtf template that we can all use. I just want everybody to be using the same thing.

Elven Archer Asuming you are making new characters, give yourselves enough experience points to be 5th or 6th level. You should all have exactly the same experience points, even if that means that one of you has 6th level and the other 4th/5th. Roll your stats with 4d6, drop the lowest - reroll 1s once.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Anoriel sits down...

Yes I think so. She looked around the bar. She felt uneasy, as she always did in a bar that wasn't her own. She liked knowing how everything was run. She didn't know that here.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Now there are two...

No problem. And just let me know what help you need in creating a world. Although I'm pretty sure you have all the books and stuff you would need. My character sheet will be in the email on thursday or sooner. Although some people need to have the site emailed to them so they can join, like beth (who is using kate's email and dave whose email I will give to you) with my PC sheet.

Take a seat Draco replies in a cool, almost ice-like voice. We are still waiting for the others, are we?

Monday, September 01, 2003

Anoriel spots Draco

Thank you, sir She walks over and sits next to Draco. Hello. Sorry I'm late. I'll get you the character sheet as soon as possible. Can I do a name change?

This is the DM talking now!

Okay, I think we should establish some ground rules. First off, you may want to remove any mentions of your actual name from the site. Draco, your player's first name is currently showing as "POSTED BY -----" and I am not sure if you want it there. It is in a publically viewable area and that could cause you problems. I am not sure exactly how you would change that but if you want to, let me know and we will find out. If you can change your USERNAME (for logging into Blogger) without creating a whole new user, then that will work.

As far as the game goes, we need to establish the format for when you are speaking in-game, out-of-game and the like. For right now, to emphasize that these paragraphs are not in-game and not what our good barkeep GROG is saying, I have set this text to be in bold. I am assuming that you should both be able to figure out how to do this as well (let me know if you cannot) and that we could use BOLD text as well as ITALIC text to mean different things. For now, in-character speech and actions should be normal and out-character stuff in BOLD.

As the two of you sit in the bar drinking your ales, you have a good few minutes to catch up on your recent exploits and new abilities.

Which reminds me, I will need character sheets from both of you. I am planning on a 2nd edition game (per player request) and you can use either the CORE RULES or the PLAYER'S OPTION stuff. I am eventually going to host a file with each character sheet on this webpage so that you can view it for reference but only I will be able to edit it. I was originally thinking of a RED STEEL campaign setting but I am not sure on that one anymore. I was thinking of originating the world from scratch. I will need your help with this, of course. Draco, when we last played your character was the son of someone important if I remember. Are the two of you following the same outline or are these totally new characters? It is good either way, but let me know. / r / dnd / r / rpg

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