Thursday, September 04, 2003

DM Character Image Test

Female Elf labled [For Khanh - From Meriko]That was a test to see if we could have images loaded into the site. Obviously, it works.

From here, I would like the two of you (and whomever else) to create characters using AD&D Core Rules program. I know you have a copy and once you have the character created, save the character in that file format and email it to me. Also, you can export or save the character as a .html file for easy display on the website for reference. If that is too complex, I also have a .rtf template that we can all use. I just want everybody to be using the same thing.

Elven Archer Asuming you are making new characters, give yourselves enough experience points to be 5th or 6th level. You should all have exactly the same experience points, even if that means that one of you has 6th level and the other 4th/5th. Roll your stats with 4d6, drop the lowest - reroll 1s once. / r / dnd / r / rpg

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