Monday, September 01, 2003

This is the DM talking now!

Okay, I think we should establish some ground rules. First off, you may want to remove any mentions of your actual name from the site. Draco, your player's first name is currently showing as "POSTED BY -----" and I am not sure if you want it there. It is in a publically viewable area and that could cause you problems. I am not sure exactly how you would change that but if you want to, let me know and we will find out. If you can change your USERNAME (for logging into Blogger) without creating a whole new user, then that will work.

As far as the game goes, we need to establish the format for when you are speaking in-game, out-of-game and the like. For right now, to emphasize that these paragraphs are not in-game and not what our good barkeep GROG is saying, I have set this text to be in bold. I am assuming that you should both be able to figure out how to do this as well (let me know if you cannot) and that we could use BOLD text as well as ITALIC text to mean different things. For now, in-character speech and actions should be normal and out-character stuff in BOLD.

As the two of you sit in the bar drinking your ales, you have a good few minutes to catch up on your recent exploits and new abilities.

Which reminds me, I will need character sheets from both of you. I am planning on a 2nd edition game (per player request) and you can use either the CORE RULES or the PLAYER'S OPTION stuff. I am eventually going to host a file with each character sheet on this webpage so that you can view it for reference but only I will be able to edit it. I was originally thinking of a RED STEEL campaign setting but I am not sure on that one anymore. I was thinking of originating the world from scratch. I will need your help with this, of course. Draco, when we last played your character was the son of someone important if I remember. Are the two of you following the same outline or are these totally new characters? It is good either way, but let me know. / r / dnd / r / rpg

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