Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Eberron Campaigns

A year ago, I posted about two D&D campaigns I was running, with a third one possibly starting at some point. Here's an update.

First off, as a player in other campaigns I've gotten a lot of experience with 5th edition. And so have many of my players. In fact, with the help of their friends, middle child pretty much launched a small mutiny and insisted that we transition to 5e. So the Valgoran campaign came to an hiatus and we started a new updated campaign in Eberron.

In addition, I've started a new campaign with my youngest, my stepbrother and his kid. This one is ALSO in 5e and also in Eberron.

The Dark Sun campaign is on a hiatus as well, but will likely get revamped in 5e once we get a little bit more Athas stuff and/or Psionics. For the the active campaigns, here's a quick synopsis I wrote elsewhere but paste here.

  • Iron & Fire: The younger kids (and my stepbrother) are characters in Breland, specifically Sharn at the moment. They are in talks to be hired on as a mercenary-type squad, to join an entire Company of Brelish soldiers (140) led by Major Vorlen, human paladin. Vorlen wants a small squad of "rangers" to travel with his company on an 8-month tour of the borders of Breland. They will be starting in Sharn, down the Dagger River to the sea, and counter-clockwise around the whole nation's borders. The squad will take on ad-hoc jobs or errands that Vorlen's regular troops would be unsuited for. He will have them scout ahead OR follow from the rear OR whatever as needed. The war is over, of course, but it's important that the Brelish troops remain strong and be SEEN as strong and mobile throughout the realm. For our small squad of heroes, there will be spies to ferret out, dungeons to explore, villagers to rescue and all kinds of work that fits their talents along the way.
  • Wood & Glass: The older kids are characters in Karrnath, specifically Korth. They've each come to the city recently for the first time and are trying to establish themselves. There's a crappy but homely tavern with no name they all wound up in, and no sooner had they started making friends with the regulars, when suddenly the tavern was raided by the city watch with some dwarven guards from House Kundarak. Apparently, there had been an attempted heist of a Kundarak bank and everyone in the bar was a suspect. The PCs look especially guilty as they are new in town. They wake up in a holding cell within House Kundarak, and although the actual heist culprits have talked and exonerated the PCs, the guards take their time releasing them. Later, they will get wrapped up with exploring goblin ruins beneath the city, intrigues at the Tower of the Twelve, the plight of Cyran refugees, Karrnath undead warriors ...and an intrepid reporter friend from the Korranberg Chronicle.

We've been using D&D Beyond for all character management. I'll update more as things progress. / r / dnd / r / rpg

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