Monday, December 04, 2023

Pathfinder Stripped of Traces of D&D in New Rulebooks

It would be ironic that the same year that I was first instroduced to playing Pathfinder in earnest was the same year that Wizards of the Coast, in their ultimate wisdom would decide to stab themselves in confusion and cause a big controversial upheaval in the games industry by pre-releasing an update to their gaming license rules. Which in summary was going to severely hurt independent creators. There are a million blog posts about this and I don't necessarily want to rehash it here in total.

Pathfinder was very highly inspired by D&D (2nd or 3rd edition?) and borrows quite a bit of intellectual property. The possible move by Wizards seems to be tailored specifically to hit back. So the makers of Pathfinder made the proactive strategic decision to completely strip every last trace of the shared content from their rules. Read more about it at Polygon - Pathfinder stripped every last trace of D&D from its new rulebooks — even owlbears.

Monday, June 12, 2023

[Book Recommendation] Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree

This book was recommended to me and I'm going to grab it through the Libby app. It was mentioned like this: Samone and his coffee plants...

Ooh, that's a memory I'd not retrieved in a while. First here's the book.

My stepbrother played in a Dark Sun campaign that I ran back in the day, and he played a Halfling Druid/Thief that had a home base just east of Gulg at a small hidden hot-spring oasis. At some point, he tried coffee and decided to grow his own along with other food for himself. This book mentioned above is about an adventurer who retired and opened a coffee shop.

I've queued this up from my library, but I may purchase a copy if I like it enough. Check it out for yourself! / r / dnd / r / rpg

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