Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Man Wounds Self, Vanishes

Zethul -- Shopkeeper Saldremor Rivryn of Rivryn's Blades and Sharpenings on west-front Gaustus Street in Trades Ward was astonished late yesterday after he sold a nondescript old knife to the outlander who looked to be from Amn, or northern Tethyr, mayhap. The purchaser laid down three coppers -- properly minted, recent thumbs from Cormyr, Rivryn notes -- for the old dagger, which Rivryn bought months ago from an adventuring band under Tymora's frown, who took ten gold for a huge sack of old weapons and mongery. Salvaged from a ruined mansion in the woods nigh Secomber, they said.

The outlander kissed the blade, cried out, At last! with some emotion -- and plunged the blade into his own shoulder. Blood spurted, the man drew forth the bloody blade and kissed it again, and then, Rivryn claims, just faded away into the air.

Rivryn insists his tale is no bid for customers. He judges the wound not fatal, if the blade be untainted and all left to heal rather than flow. The origins, identity, and fate of the outlander remain unknown; Watch investigations proceed.

Story borrowed from Waterdeep News by Ed Greenwood. Alterations for names and cities have been noted in comments. / r / dnd / r / rpg

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