Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Symbolist

The Symbolist This enigmatic hooded figure could be a man, but it has the soul of a monster. A dark evil thing, a wanted criminal that has evaded The King's authorities, hired assassins, mercenary squads and vigilantes of all shapes and sizes. All citizens hold him in contempt and fear.

This creature's true name is not known, but Zethulians have several different monikers they use. Besides Symbolist, you will hear the whispered names of The Runeist and The Geometer, all names that strike terror into the heart of children as well as adults. These handles also give away the mode by which the evil creature causes its random acts of terrorism in the streets of the city.

There is no rhyme or reason nor motive that can be associated with who or why The Symbolist strikes. No one is immune to the pain and death dealt out. What it does can only be described by eyewitnesses.

Nirth, wastemaster and cartpusher - "Runeist? Eh, methinks dey ahta calls hims the RUINist, dat's wot dey do. Yez, Ruinist. Me humble servant, street sweeper wit' no friends, no fam-lee. I have no reason ta live, yet I see 'im do dat thing ta womenz n' childrenz right in da middle of da squah.

"Me's makin' ma roundz dat day, no thing be thinkin'. Den I come to da squah, chat wit' da meat vendah. As we's standin' der flappin' jaws, we's be hearin' n' awful noise. Noise so loud and 'orrible, methinks it nasty dyin' demon, but den I turns ta look n' see - on dah otha sod of da squah - itsa justa woman lyin' in da mud. She musta been screamin cuz of the mark is on her 'ed.

"Me didna see 'ims at first. Den da crowds parted some and there 'E was, standin' ovah her der on da ground. E' held no weapon, no club, no sworud, yet 'e threatens her so, his 'ands and feets spread apart just standin' above her.

"Den he reached down to 'er and drew a symbol on her forehead. I couldna see it very well, but ah could see it was a magic symbol, black wispies of smoke comin' offa it. Her skin around the symbol began ta turn a greyish, like a... like a...

"Pardon me, sirs, but like a dead fish her skin turned. Den her eyes turned back inna her skull n' her head fell back, the blackness eatin' her face like a rot. She wa' dead n' ah know's it. Da folks n' da squah gasped n' screamed, but they do nuthin' as dis 'appens. I feel shame now as dis 'appens den I does nuthin' justa same. But it doesna end there.

"Da death mark on 'er 'ead it spreads. Then covers up 'er body, den da ground around 'er. It eats up da peoples around dem too, spreadin' throughout da squah like a plague. Peoples be screamin' and runnin' but dey drop dem like flies anyway. I justa stand der and da dark spreads around me smellin' like ash. Me don' do nuthin' but stand der.

"Me don' unnastand it even now. Me lives, others live, but most of dem people dat day die. So many people die, I don' think I ever know how many. Why I live and tell this tale, i no know."

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Rumors from the North ...

... whisper of a long feud between ancient Treants and their Halfling Druid gaurdians against the blood-thirsty Orcs from Fire Mountain erupting into a tempest. For many years the two sides have fought, but recent clear cutting incursions spurred on by Ogre-Magi Warmonger hoards have brought the issue to a head. Does this news mean good or ill tidings for the merchant troupes from Zethul that ply the area? Only time will tell. / r / dnd / r / rpg

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