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Dale Frost

Dale Frost
Male Elvish Fighter
HP: 40
AC: 15=10+2+0+3+0+0+0
Initiative: +3

STR: 16 +3
DEX: 17 +3
CON 13 +1
INT: 13 +1
WIS: 10 +0
CHA: 15 +2

Fortitude: 5
Reflex: 4
Will: 1

Longsword -ATTK Bonus: 10 Damage: D8 Critical: x2
Longbow -ATTK Bonus: 9 Damage: D8 Critical: x3

Leather -Armr Bonus: +2 Max DEX Bonus: +8

Climb: 6
Craft:Weaponsmithing: 6
Gather Information: 4
Handle Animal: Horse: 6
Knowledge: Royalty + Nobility: 4
Move Silently: 7
Ride : Horse: 9


Dale is an Elven fighter who learned how to fight from his father. One day the Royal Family of Zethul was having an archery competition and Dale's Father, Steven entered Dale in the competition. Needless to say he won and by an amazing shot from atop his horse. This so impressed the royal family, that they asked him if he would like a job. He agreed and they gave him a trial run by asking him to recover a magical item from a heavily gaurded room in the castle. He managed to do this using a little bit more force than stealth but managed to take out many of the King's most well-trained fighters and was only beaten by a singular knight. The royal family offered a job as a personal bodygaurd. He is to take care of the King's son, Prince D'Gyen. The Knight that defeated Dale was the personal bodygaurd for the King himself. Well, needless to say Sir Simon Gregory and Dale became good friends and spent day after day training. They are now skilled combat equals. Together, they have no equal in a close quarters game. Dale has no equal on the sharpshooting arena while Sir Simon cannot be equaled in the joust. Now Dale spends his days training and doing errands for the Prince, whom he considers to be something of a brat. The relative age of the Prince is no more than his own. Both are teenaged, however Dale did not grow up in a world where everyone was expected to obey him. If the King knew of the ridiculous errands that Dale was being sent on he may have reprimanded the Prince.

Dale stands 5'10" tall and is slim with blonde hair and teal-blue eyes. He lives with his dad Steven who is also a great blacksmith. They live together in his father's home above the smithy in the city of Zethul. Dale has a few friends but mainly spends time either at work or with Sir Gregory training. In his spare time he goes riding and does a little hunting. He has a pet dog named Drake. Dale is a fun-loving adventure-seeking teenager who is not neccessarily as wise as he should be. He doesn't think things through and has often had to do things the hard way because of that endearing feature. He has a strong heart and a will to protect his friends and family. He enjoys going out nights and having some fun at the local taverns or at private parties with his friends. However on the battlefield he is like a whole different person. Cunning and quick, he will never fail to defeat an enemy or accomplish a goal. He has decided conciously not to be so introspective or analytical as some of the other Elves that he has met. "What if this happens?" they always seem to ask. "What are the 'repercussions' of an action?" He guesses this is why he is not a mage unlike his Elven friends but rather a fighter. / r / dnd / r / rpg

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