Saturday, June 26, 2021

Zee Bashew: Everyone's Lying About Dice (Part 2)

I tried to explain in my last post that I both love and loathe the widely held concept of "dice training" and "dice personalities" and other sorts of dice-related myths. After all, I proclaim, these are just lifeless globs of plastic that -- in a perfect world -- would simply have some statistically consistent randomness to them. A twenty-sided die has a equal 5% chance of landing on any particular side every time and the rolls before and after do not affect the current role.

Well here comes Zee Bashew with another lesson about dice training, that I find both infuriating (because maybe he's serious?) and very, very funny (because he can't be serious).

Zee's whole channel is a fun one to check out, and I've been subscribed since I first stumbled on his Animated Spellbook series. If you are into narrative, you'll like the Cold Road Campaign Diary. Enjoy!

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