Friday, May 25, 2007

Portrait by Yosai

This one made me really laugh. I believe it is a parody of a Reagan quote.

Paladins - My superiors have declared your existence illegal.  I begin smiting in ten seconds.  No, they don't pay me to think.

There is something eminently laughable about the dichotomy of the Paladin. They are agents of goodness and lawfulness by training, but they --like all mortals-- are not perfect. To the Paladin, this lack of perfection is sometimes ignored. One of the best examples of the story of a stereotypical Paladin "in game" is in Order of the Stick in the form of Miko Miyazaki. Though she was a side character, her arrival and eventual downfall seems a grand story unto itself.


  1. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Wow, so this is why I keep getting hits on my photobucket account.

    I was just dicking around with a motivational poster generator and I happened to be a big fan of the webcomic at the time. Glad someone liked it.

  2. Oh, hey Anonymous! I hope that wasn't a problem. I think I saw a link to that image from the Giant in the Playground Forums. I guess I should link directly to your Photobucket account. Let me know if I need to update the post or remove the image.


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