Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Thongolir Heir Seeks Wife

This is a funny article on Wizards.com that I decided to use for my campaign. I kept the nobleman's name the same, but changed only the dateline.

Zethul -- Dolerphus Thongolir IV has put out a public call for a "kind, gentle woman who loves to cook, knows how to ride, won't disapprove of frivolity, hard drinking, or long hours of neglect while I attend to work, and is willing to share my bed." Thongolir promises to make his bride more wealthy than most women ever dream of becoming (his generally well-thought-of family is rich indeed), and the "work" he refers to is the family business concerns of calligraphy, limning, and printing.

Questioned bluntly as to the reason for his unusual request, the tall, slender, and handsome Thongolir heir replied that he now believes he can find a suitable life-mate only by casting his net wider afield. He has become disgusted by the predatory courtesans, daughters of ambitious wealthy merchants, and jaded, dishonest noblewomen who keep trying to snare him.

The article was written by Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood. Read the original Waterdeep News: Thongolir Heir Seeks Wife.

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