Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ask Wizards - 2007/01/02

Q: Dear Sage,
Does the monk's fast movement class feature apply to all forms of movement?

A: Since the entry doesn't limit the bonus to just the character's land speed, it's fair to apply it to all speeds the character possesses.

This question and it's answer made me think about all of the possible movement options that certain non-humanoid characters (PCs and NPCs) could possess. This is a +10 feet bonus that comes at 3rd and increases by 10 feet at every three levels.

Aarakocran Monks would gain this bonus to their flying speed as well as walking. Aranean Monks would gain this bonus for their web-walking abilities in whatever forms they can use the ability. I can also imagine swimming or burrowing monks.

This could get interesting.

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