Sunday, June 15, 2008

3.5 to 4th Edition Conversion Guide from Wizards

Wizards of the Coast was not originally going to release a conversion guide to 4th edition (currently available in a BOX SET from for only $62.97) from 3rd edition. However, they seem to have bowed to pressure from the fans. Read a more detailed story and a link to the ready-to-use guide at - 3.5 to 4th Edition Conversion Guide from Wizards.


  1. When i click the link the page is outline. Do you have any backup?

  2. It looks like the is down completely and that this was the only reference to the conversion guide. I have done a quick search of the WotC site, but it looks like the only results that come up are forum sections where people are asking how to do it. If I can find a new link for the guide, I will post it. Sorry.

  3. Try here:

    and here:

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