Thursday, February 15, 2007

Facing a Character Sheet

Skip Williams; formerly the "Sage" of Dragon Magazine for many years, the co-designer of D&D 3rd Edition and the chief architect of the Monster Manual; has written an article on regarding character classes and filling out a character sheet. This is a great article for beginners and gamers first becoming acclimated to 3rd edition. It's also a good review and reference for more experienced players.

When you're new to the D&D game, the sheer variety of character sheets available, both in print and online, can bring on a headache. Even after you've chosen a character sheet, you face the task of filling it out. The task isn't terribly difficult, but it's hardly intuitive. That's because character sheets are laid out so you can find what you need quickly during play, not so you can create your character quickly. After all, you'll spend far more time playing your character than you'll spend creating it. This article takes the character sheet provided here on this site and attempts to unravel its mysteries by creating and recording an example character.

In addition to checking out this article, be sure to check all three in the full series.

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